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Procedures required

Access to roof cavity for the duration of the roof cavity cleaning process is required It could take 1 or more days pending of the amount of work to be done

Handy Tips

Some tips to help you choose the insulation and procedures you may take to help you with protecting your home and installing ceiling insulation.

Understand Insulation

Polyester and/or Pink Batts are a bulk fibre insulation which holds large pockets of air within its structure, reducing dramatically the transfer of conducted and converted heat.

Aquilina Services - The Roof Cavity cleaning

And Insulation Specialists

Firstly I would like to mention that I am very serious of the consequences that the coronavirus can cause. I assure you myself and the minimal staff (2 or 3) that I work with have the same hygiene protocols in place to make sure of the safety of others especially while we are at a work place. We will even work with the owners protocols while we are working on his home.

New: SOLAR WHIZ the smart way to stay cool. Refer to Services Page.

Since we have been established in 2006 we are proud to say that we achieved our goals to keep the quality of work we do first class. We have set our standards very high and that's why we offer a workmanship guarantee.

We only Install Australian or American made Insulation and the companies we buy our Insulation from offer a certificate if need be for a lifetime guarantee.

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