Roof Cavity Cleaning

Roof Insulation Removal: Roof Cavity Cleaning

Procedures required,

Access to roof cavity for the duration of the roof cavity cleaning process is required It could take 1 or more days pending of the amount of work to be done, access is done by the man hole inside the property or by removing tiles or tin from the roof. if excessive rain is expected preferably the work is done from the man hole inside the property. Access to the driveway and outside the footpath is also required.

Insulation Removal & Roof Cavity Cleaning


Things we need to know.

The total area of roof cavity to be cleaned and insulated (Length multiplied by the width in meters.) and do that to all the rooms. Not including eaves and verandah's, however we can also do if requested at an extra charge.

Check the type of insulation if any you have in the roof, blow in type, batts type or other etc.

Check to see if there is any loose debris around the roof area such as stones, broken bricks, slate, timber, tiles etc.

Is there any heat or cooling ducting that might restrict moving around in the roof.

Then ring or email us (Refer to contact us page) and we will provide you with a quote.

Don't panic if you are unable to find out these details we will call in and inspect your roof cavity ourselves and provide you with a no obligation free quote.

We can provide roof cavity cleaning to suit your needs and budget. Call us now for a quote.