Roof Insulation Services

Understanding Insulation

Polyester and/or Pink Batts are a bulk fibre insulation which holds large pockets of air within its structure, reducing dramatically the transfer of conducted and converted heat.The thermal efficiency of an insulation product is stated as an R value which is a measure of the bat’s resistance to heat flow and will depend on the type of material, its thickness and density. Polyester and Pink Batts are available in the appropriate R values and offer a practical solution to insulating your home.
Earthwool Insulation is also available on request.

Our prefered Insulation used.

Polyester Batts – Polyester Solutions Brand Features & Benefits.

Made from strong polyester fibres, they are lightweight and odourless.

  • Thermal and acoustic performance; Recyclable.
  • Non allergenic containing no chemicals or pesticides.
  • Non-irritant – containing no short fibres and will not irritate eyes, skin or lungs.
  • Safe to install – no need for protective clothing (although our staff generally wear protective clothing and masks during installation).
  • Fire retardant and insect and vermin resistant.
  • Australian made and complying with the BCA (Building Code of Australia).

Pink Batts – Glaswool Features & Benefits

  • Thermal and acoustic performance; Recyclable.
  • Non allergenic – contains no chemicals or pesticides.
  • Manufactured from bio-soluble fibres negating any health concerns.
  • Fire retardant and insect and vermin resistant as the batts are treated with natural salts and minerals
  • Australian made and complying with the BCA (Building Code of Australia).

Rams Virgin Wool(V-Type Natural Wool Blend) & (R-Type Recycled Wool Blend) refer to web site.

Installing Ceiling Insulation : Cleaning Roof Space

Handy Tips,

Some tips to help you choose the insulation and procedures you may take to help you with protecting your home and installing ceiling insulation.

Were to Start,

1 - Choose the material you want to use for ceiling insulation.

2 - Find out what level of insulation you want.

3 - Make sure you get material in the right thickness for your insulation needs.

What to look for,

Be clear what you are trying to achieve. For example, simple cause for a hot home could be unshaded windows so installing shading will be just as important as insulation.

Consider were you are going to insulate.

If you're thinking of building, check your states mandatory energy rating regulations for the energy efficiency of new buildings.

Watch out for dodgy insulation installers. Ask them questions such as, how long have they been in the business for, are they insured, have they got the Occupational Health and Safety Construction Induction Card.

What materials are available

Recommended R - Value rating R3.5 minimum to R6 on insulation.

Most preferred materials available. Refer to Insulation Type Page.