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Solar Whiz (Highly Recommended)


The smart way to stay cool,

Solar Whiz is a powerful solar ventilator for roof spaces and home interiors. These ventilators can extract as much as 2,100m3/h (cubic meters of air per hour) for the largest units. Each unit is capable of extracting air suitable for spaces up to 80m2, 120m2, 180m2 up to or beyond 250m2.

By using reliable solar ventilation, you guarantee:

1.  Powerfull Air Flow. 2 Condensation and moisture control. 3 Reliable heat extraction.

This style of installation ensures:                                                                             

Reduces heat load on your ceiling, less stress on air conditioning to cool your home, Increases efficiency of ducted air conditioning, Cooler roof space at night (with night operation kit), Reduces moisture levels in roof space.


Constant Current Module (Night Operation Kit), Adjustable Temperature Thermostat, Fixed Temperature Thermostat.

Enquire within, 

In the brochure we provide a detailed specifications of each unit, our variety of add-ons, as well as installation styles to give further insite into the benefit of SOLAR WHIZ installations. Give me a ring for further details to provide you with brochures and a quote.


Insulation Services and Roof cavity Cleaning: Insulation Removal a Specialty


Insulating your home properly is one of the best investments you can make. Aquilina Services provides roof insulation in Melbourne along with other services that includes roof cavity cleaning.

Aquilina Services don't provide any other service unless it has something to do with roof cavity cleaning or accessories that will assist your roof cavity thermal qualities and supplying and installing insulation. Why ? Because we want to be the leaders in providing the highest quality standards we possibly can in roof cavity cleaning and installing insulation. With the suction that our high powered vacuum machine produces we can do a lot of other services, but we chose to specialize in only one business and that's roof cavity cleaning. We specialize in cleaning entire roof cavities of any size by removing any type of dirty Insulation, Dust, Debris, Birds Nests, Possum and any rodent droppings, then re-insulate with the minimum rating of R3.5 Insulation.

While we work on your roof, we have expertise in building structures and we can provide a free inspection of your roof cavity to ascertain if you have any structural damage that may have accrued over the years. I suppose you can say how can this happen, I have seen roof bearers cut and left unsupported just to fit a skylight. This is only one example of what happens when say if a previous owner before you may have done a renovation were he wasn't qualified. This service is free of charge.

Re Government Rebate:

On the 12th February 2010 the Government discontinued the Insulation $1200 rebate scheme. It was intended that by the 1st of June 2010 the Government was to re-introduce the New Renewable Energy Bonus Scheme (REBS) but on the 22nd of April 2010 the Government announced it will not go ahead with the scheme.

Since the Government has suspended the insulation rebate program, I have had to clean up and re-insulated numerous properties that were done by dodgy installers and each one of those customers can now sleep peacefully without any concerns.

Important Notice

If you have an issue at the moment that you are concerned of the safety of your home because it has not been insulated properly, ring us immediately for a free no obligation assessment of your roof cavity. Why risk damage to your property and your personal belongings when it can be avoided.

About Us

Aquilina Services is a young fast growing successful company. I have had about 35 years experience in the building and engineering industry so when you ring us to work in your roof for a day or two you are assured you have got the right person who is in charge to do the work and has the general knowledge and understanding of what exactly is being done while installing ceiling insulation.

Most home owners are very proud of their home and we are very aware of that and we take extra precautionary measures to ensure care is taken. When you appoint us to do the work you can rest assured that the job will be done properly with minimal fuss or interruption.

In the past there was plenty of dodgy insulation installers, so make sure who you appoint to do your Insulation.

As mentioned in the website the decision of who should do your insulation installation should not be taken lightly and certainly not just because doesn't seem complicated.

Also its not necessarily required that you have to be present at your home while the work is being done. In most instances if you can't be there or you simply prefer not to allow us access from inside we can remove some tiles or tin from the roof and do all the work from there. But in some instances for various reasons this cant be done, Aquilina Services will assure you that we will work with the customer to prevent any inconvenience and get the roof cavity cleaning or insulation installation job done.

For the customers peace of mind we are fully covered for work safe and insured for public liability if needed.

We are that confident that the work will be done properly that we provide a guarantee on all the roof cavity cleaning or insulation installation work we do.

Thank you for visiting this site and looking forward to hear from you.

Ring us immediately if you have any concerns whatsoever on 03 94996810 or 0419136500